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Packaging machine load cell
Mar 03, 2017

Packaging machine in all walks of life can see the figure, such as food packaging, medical equipment packaging, his appearance in the product packaging to save a lot of labor, improve production efficiency. Large and small packaging machine in the social development of the hair, the continuous upgrading, the degree of intelligence by leaps and bounds, of course, can not be separated from the sensor. The sensor reloads all the senses of the machine in the packaging machine and provides the collected information to the computer for various functions. So that the flexibility of a packaging machine can not be separated from the sensor. The most common is the weighing of the type of sensor.

The simplest example, when we pack the product is sure to control a certain weight range, if the accurate measurement of the weight of the product you have to rely on the load cell. Now the accuracy of the load cell is very high, can quickly and accurately measure the weight of the product in order to achieve the purpose of our weight packaging, if the packaging machine does not have a good performance of the sensor, then the overall performance of the machine will be greatly reduced The Bengbu Lei Tai Sensor Co., Ltd. to provide us with a variety of high-performance load cell. Whether it is supporting the development of new equipment, or upgrading old equipment, can put the best and best integrated solutions for enterprises to save valuable resources.