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Pressure testing machine on the force sensor performance what kind of requirements
Mar 03, 2017

1, the accuracy of the test machine is an important performance indicators, it is directly related to the accuracy of the test results. In general, the higher the accuracy of the test machine sensor its price is also more expensive.Therefore, customers in the choice of test machine sensors, Should be based on the actual situation, the accuracy of the sensor to meet the accuracy of the measurement system can request a.

2, the frequency characteristics of the test machine sensor directly determines the frequency range of the measured material must be in a permissible frequency range to insist on distortion to meet the requirements.In fact the test machine sensor response will have a certain delay, in short, the shorter the delay time The better.

3, the linear range refers to the output is proportional to the input range. In theory, the linear range of the test machine sensor is relatively stable. Test machine sensor linear range is wider, then the larger the range, and to ensure its measurement Accuracy, but any test machine sensor is not possible to ensure its absolute linearity, when the requested measurement accuracy is relatively low, the non-linear error of the smaller test machine sensor approximation as a linear, which gives the measurement Great lunch.