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Pull pressure sensor common fault
Mar 03, 2017

The use of zero electric drift can eliminate the thermal zero drift of the pressure sensor, the so-called zero drift, when the amplifier input short circuit, the input side of the irregular, slow changes in the voltage generated by the phenomenon. The main reason for the zero drift is the influence of the temperature change on the transistor parameters and the fluctuation of the power supply voltage. In most amplifiers, the zero drift of the previous stage has the greatest influence, the more the series and the larger the magnification, the more serious the zero drift The

The size of the drift is mainly the choice of strain material, the structure of the material or composition to determine its stability or heat sensitivity.

Materials selected after the processing is also very important, different process, will produce different effects of the strain value, the key is also through some aging and other adjustments, the bridge value of the stability or changes in the law.

Drift of the adjustment means a lot, mostly according to the manufacturer's condition or production needs of the decision, most manufacturers are very good control of zero drift. Temperature adjustment can be compensated by internal temperature resistance and heating zero sensitivity resistance, aging and so on.