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Rally sensor related knowledge
Mar 03, 2017

1, high precision measurement, compact structure, small size, light weight, good sealing, rugged, temporary stability, and other structures of the sensor is incomparable so it is material consumption, working hours consumption is the smallest

2, the geometry of the elastomer is simple, the output symmetry is good, the design calculation, the machining, the disposable disposition is extremely simple.

3, the sensor rigidity, natural frequency is high, dynamic response is good, is conducive to dynamic measurement.

4, is not sensitive to vibration, anti-partial load capacity, the general use of clarity can allow 3g to visit; anti-overload capacity and impact resistance are better than any other structure of the sensor.

5, the measuring axis of the column sensor coincides with the load direction, low drift, safe and reliable, there is no fixed boundary conditions to its impact and constraints. So the column sensor has a much smaller repeatability error and a hysteresis error than any other sensor.

6, the use of single-layer diaphragm or double-layer film sealing process, you can get a good anti-side, torsion ability. Column tension sensor can be used to pull, the pressure value of the measurement, for a variety of ingredients scales, hook scales and various special scales, and widely used in ingredients, machinery manufacturing, tensile testing machine and other measurement and control systems.