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Sensor instructions and precautions
Mar 03, 2017

1, the sensor is a high-precision test components, in order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, should be controlled by the eccentricity and the impact of lateral load. In the testing process, should ensure that the external force of the line of action and the sensor force axis coincidence. And in accordance with the sensor beam marked on the direction of force used.

2, in the installation of sensors, should avoid severe impact or strong pull hard pull lead to beam or lead damage. Long-term use should be -10 ℃ ~ 65 ℃, relative humidity of not more than 75% of the environment stored.

3, is strictly prohibited in the sensor with a load device on a variety of welding operations.

4, the measured load should be 80% of the sensor rated range is appropriate, is strictly prohibited overload.

5, no special treatment of the sensor shall not be used underwater.

6, the natural output of the sensor is mV, change the length of the sensor Daisen will affect the size of the sensor output, according to the requirements of the field optional transmitter, so that the output is 0-5V, 4-20mA or digital signal.