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Sensor market turmoil is not optimistic
Mar 03, 2017

China's power sensor technology is weak, the lack of independent intellectual property rights, low localization rate of raw materials, although the number of sensors developed in the production and production of more, but the key technology of high-end sensor has not really break through its products mainly to meet the needs of low-end market , High-end products are almost 100% imported from abroad. The domestic sensor industry's huge dependence on imports has become the bottleneck of China's development of the Internet of Things, only the domestic enterprises to achieve the localization of the sensor in order to enhance the overall strength of the industry to achieve the rapid development of the Internet of Things industry.

At present, the progress of society in the highly automated and intelligent development, in the "two" development process, the use of sensors is essential, but the current domestic sensor development is not optimistic. Sensors are a lot of modern science and technology to achieve the foundation, and has long been deep into our lives, especially in recent years has been very popular all kinds of daily intelligent equipment, sensor applications have been very extensive.