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Weighing instrument maintenance and maintenance
Mar 03, 2017

1. Installation: General should choose to clean, dry, ventilated, temperature suitable environment to place the instrument. The instrument should be fixed, do not move frequently, otherwise it may cause the signal cable plug internal lead off and cause failure.

2. Power: weighing instruments (such as 8142,8530 series) mostly use the 220-volt AC power supply, the voltage is allowed to change the range is generally 187 V --- 242 volts. After changing the power line, be sure to measure the voltage to meet the requirements, in order to power the instrument. If the 380 volts power to the instrument may cause damage. Power supply voltage fluctuations should be equipped with a good performance of the regulator (such as CW-type AC parameter regulator) to ensure the normal use of the instrument. Do not use the same power outlet with strong interference sources (such as motors, bells, fluorescent lamps) to prevent the instrument display values from becoming unstable. Some instruments (such as HAWK table, etc.) for the AC and DC. In the use of dry batteries should be noted that the battery leakage will damage the instrument. Do not use the battery for a long time.