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Magnetic Stirrer Easy To Operate
Jun 20, 2017

The so-called clever and difficult to cook without rice, for us to engage in concrete, the normal operation of the Magnetic Stirrer is to carry out the basis of all work. Today, according to the predecessors of the work experience, summed up some of the common problems and countermeasures Magnetic Stirrer.

Magnetic Stirrer does not turn

Magnetic Stirrers in the course of work sometimes suddenly stop turning, which will not only affect the quality of concrete, but also delay the progress of the project. What should I do when I get this problem? Can be divided into the following three cases.

1 Adjust the machine load

If the concrete Magnetic Stirrer is working more than the normal load, it will slow the stirring shaft. If the load is too large, it will cause the stirring shaft to stop or the stirring shaft will bend. Then, only the amount of feed will be adjusted, the excess material will be discharged, Shaft rotation load can be.

2 clear foreign body

When the mixing blade or side blades of the Magnetic Stirrer and the tank wall between the larger foreign body, especially the stones, will also lead to stirring shaft stop, the reason to be able to hold foreign matter, is the concrete Magnetic Stirrer mixing blade or side leaf and tank wall gap Too much cause. Side leaves and the inner wall of the stuck material, the mixing shaft before the stop will often have sharp harsh friction sound, this happens, the need to immediately stop the inspection, manual removal of foreign body, re-adjust the concrete Magnetic Stirrer blade or side leaves and The gap between the inner walls of the tank, if necessary, can be washed with water.

3 tension motor drive belt

Magnetic Stirrer motor drive belt too loose can also lead to the concrete Magnetic Stirrer Magnetic Stirrer shaft rotation slowly or stop the rotation, this is because the motor drive belt is too loose, resulting in lack of power transmission. At this point only after the adjustment of the concrete Magnetic Stirrer to adjust the tension of the motor belt can be.

Magnetic Stirrer does not discharge material

Magnetic Stirrers in the production process will encounter non-discharge phenomenon. A lot of concrete in the face of this failure, the general will be considered a Magnetic Stirrer failure. So it will go to check the Magnetic Stirrer, check and found that the concrete Magnetic Stirrer and no fault, so that a waste of production time.

Concrete Magnetic Stirrer Under normal circumstances, the mixing time to zero after the mixing machine will automatically discharge, but in the production process press the pause button on the console after the mixing time, the Magnetic Stirrer did not discharge.

At this time to check the concrete Magnetic Stirrer on the discharge valve on the solenoid valve to see if the solenoid valve is damaged, the solenoid valve damage to the discharge gate will not open, the Magnetic Stirrer will naturally not discharge, the need for solenoid valve maintenance.

If it is not the failure of the solenoid valve, it is necessary to check whether the pause button on the console is pressed and press it if it is not pressed.

If the button on the console is also no problem, you need to check the computer's monitoring interface, see whether the monitoring interface on the monitoring interface is activated, if activated immediately canceled.

None of the above is the concrete Magnetic Stirrer is broken, you need to check the Magnetic Stirrer. The concrete Magnetic Stirrer is simple in structure and easy to operate, but there are many small problems in the operation. Although it is a small problem, we have to find a reason to completely solve.