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Magnetic Stirrer Installation, Use And Maintenance
Jul 11, 2017

Due to the higher requirements of biopharmaceuticals for the aseptic and risk control of the agitator shaft seal, the industrial Magnetic Stirrer was developed in Sweden in the 1980s. Now, under the Magnetic Stirrer become the mainstream of the market, and continue to toward the simple, high torque, large shear or very low shear, bearing material safe, easy online cleaning, online sterilization direction. Such as bioreactor for the next Magnetic Stirrer, high shear force homogeneous under the Magnetic Stirrer and so on. Whether it can prove that the stirrer can be online cleaning and on-line sterilization, bearing material safety, etc. become a bio-pharmaceutical mixer before the gold standard selection.

The working principle of the desktop Magnetic Stirrer is to use the magnetic material homosexual repulsion characteristics, by constantly changing the polarity of the ends of the base to promote the magnetic stir bar rotation; the disadvantage is the energy conversion efficiency is low, only suitable for small volume of liquid mixing.

The working principle of the industrial Magnetic Stirrer is: from the inside and outside the two magnetic steel, separated from the middle of the isolation sleeve, driven by the motor inside and outside the magnet to produce magnetic coupling to achieve the purpose of transmission. Applications in the pump up to the magnetic pump can be achieved without leakage, and the most efficient energy conversion. And the next Magnetic Stirrer corresponds to the upper Magnetic Stirrer, because there is still no complete removal of the risk of shaft seal, the application area is very limited.

As the mixing is an experimental science, the agitator is a complex process related to the process, so far only through the step-by-step experience to enlarge, according to the amplification basis, extrapolated to the industrial scale. At present, the magnification of the next Magnetic Stirrer mainly depends on the manufacturing enterprises to the common buffer solution as the main model of the simulation test, and on this basis to do stereotypes and amplification, all custom models are based on the standard model based on improvements, such as materials Custom, power customization, paddle shape customization and so on. Correct selection, select the appropriate stirrer to be placed in front of the user must solve a problem.

Multi-point without heating Magnetic Stirrer for synchronous mixing applications.

IKA multi-point Magnetic Stirrer speed range: 0-1200rpm, 5 points, 10 points, 15 points to choose from. Using magnetic coil technology to provide more consistent noise-free mixing. The speed is constant, even if the carrying weight changes. Closed compact design is easy to clean and protects the instrument from liquid infiltration.

The agitator effect of the next Magnetic Stirrer is influenced by the nature of the medium, the nature of the solution and the purpose of the agitation, the fluid mechanics - the shape of the tank, the ratio of the liquid height to the diameter of the stirrer, the same tank The height of the liquid, stir the shape and speed of the rotor, the point of application of the mixer, the budget, the type of Magnetic Stirrer.

Installation, use and maintenance of the next Magnetic Stirrer

The welding of the bottom plate is once the focus of the domestic manufacturing enterprises, the need for sub-welding, the need to control the welding temperature of each weld is the key point of installation. Gradually segment the section to 16 equal parts.

Rotary head, bearing and motor installation / removal order, is the next Magnetic Stirrer installation and use of special attention to the link, will directly affect the use of the mixer.

Sterility verification of the next Magnetic Stirrer

For example, low-speed Magnetic Stirrer CIP method: open the bottom of the tank → open 360 ° spray ball water cleaning → open the stirrer, speed about 100rpm, each about 10min, 4 to 5 times, the specific method and the number of repetitions, need According to the nature of the liquid, the viscosity of the different test to determine the test. If the spray ball can only be on the inside of the tank when the upper cleaning, do not need to drain, Magnetic Stirrer need to soak cleaning, and then exhausted, repeated several times, you can also cycle spray rinse for some time, row after repeated distilled water spray Several times on it.