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Moisture Analyzers The Range Of Detections That Can Be Used Is Very Extensive
Aug 10, 2017

Moisture Analyzers is mainly used in the laboratory before the production of raw materials, finished product quality control, but also some of the quality of production control. So the Moisture Analyzers is mainly used in all walks of life samples of water content detection and quality control.

1, the detection principle is:

(1) side effects can not produce water.

(2) the sample can not consume iodine or release iodine.

2, the capacity of the determination of the specific application of the main organic and inorganic compounds.

(1) an inorganic compound

Organic acids, inorganic acids, acid oxides, inorganic acids and anhydrides and other inorganic compounds.

(2) organic compounds

Acids, alcohols, esters, stabilized hydroxy compounds, acetals, ethers, hydrocarbon anhydrides, acid halides, halides, peroxy compounds, nitrogen compounds, sulfur compounds and other organic compounds.

3, Coulomb method of the specific application of the instrument

Hydrocarbons, oils, alcohols, halogenated hydrocarbons, phenols, lipids, ethers and the like.

The advantage of using the heating method Moisture Analyzers is that in addition to electricity, do not need to use other auxiliary reagents, installation and operation is relatively simple, but the accuracy of the test results and detection efficiency is not as good as Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzers.

The Moisture Analyzers has a much faster and more accurate detection feature than the Moisture Moisture Analyzers. The range of tests that can be used is also very extensive and should be based on the sample moisture content and sample characteristics. Moisture Analyzers type, when the moisture content of the sample is less than 0.5%, and does not contain the above restricted substances, or the detection of gas moisture content should be preferred Coulometric Moisture Analyzers, such as AKF-2 type automatic Karl Fischer coulometric analyzer. Otherwise choose a similar AKF-1 type or AKF-2010 capacity method automatic Karl Fischer water analyzer.

First, the system is fully enclosed, increase the drying tube, reduce the interference of air moisture.

Second, the instrument calibration as much as possible to use 10 μl sampler.

Third, adjust the speed of magnetic stirring, to not form turbulence prevail.

Fourth, the titration speed first slow after the slow,Moisture Analyzers try to shorten the test time, close to the end point should be slow to improve the measurement accuracy.

5, the day after the test, be sure to emptying the system in the Karl Fischer reagent, and then use methanol to clean.

Sixth, the instrument should be away from the strong magnetic field, to avoid the electronic display beating caused by abnormal results.