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Moisture Analyzers To Prevent The Loss Of Moisture
Nov 01, 2017

Moisture Analyzers is mainly used in the laboratory before the production of raw materials, finished product quality control, but also part of the quality of production control. So the Moisture Analyzers is mainly used in all walks of life samples of water content detection and quality control.

1, the best choice when considering automatic instrument. The manual Moisture Analyzers requires the tester to visually examine the reagents in the glass burette and to manually shut down after reaching the end point, resulting in unnecessary errors due to the different movements of each person.

2, the choice should be considered to buy a fully enclosed test system. Exposed Karl Fischer reagent because of the presence of iodine, very easy to absorb moisture, the measured ethyl ester samples and methanol solvent should also try to avoid the air into the water and the error situation.

3, should consider the life of the metering pump. Metering pumps are a key part of the Moisture Moisture Meter. The Karl Fischer reagent is a highly corrosive reagent. It should be purchased with a metering pump made of corrosion-resistant materials such as fluoroplastics to prevent leakage. scrapped.

4, electrode problems. This part belongs to the core part of the instrument, on the one hand should have a high sensitivity, on the other hand, because of its test soak in the test tank, the best choice with high quality platinum electrode equipment to maintain electrode life.

Moisture Analyzers can detect all kinds of organic and inorganic solid, liquid, gas and other samples of water content of the instrument called the Moisture Analyzers, according to the principle of measurement can be classified physical and chemical determination of two categories. Physical measurement methods commonly used by the weight loss method, distillation layer chromatography, gas chromatography analysis, chemical methods are mainly, toluene method, the International Organization for Standardization method Set to measure the international standards of trace moisture, our country also put this method as a national standard measured trace moisture.

Maintenance and maintenance of fast Moisture Analyzers

In the use of Moisture Analyzers to use your fingers to tap the button, to avoid the use of nails, but also prohibit the use of sharp hard objects.

Fast water detector cover to lightly put.

The minimum sample size must be greater than 0.5 grams.

When the Moisture Analyzers is in the standby state, no need to warm up to use.

The Moisture Analyzers should clean the sample tray before placing the sample, and whenever the sample tray holder should be used to prevent the hot sample plate from burning.

The last display state of the test will be retained on the screen until you press the peel key. The second subsequent test should be as soon as possible to prevent the loss of moisture.

Before using the Moisture Analyzers carefully check the power supply voltage and Moisture Analyzers requirements are consistent, socket and equipment plug is intact, if damaged do not use. Before get off work or for a long time do not use the instrument, please turn off the total power switch, no main switch to plug the power plug placed next to the instrument.