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PH Meter To Pay Attention To What The Details
Aug 10, 2017

PH meter, is a commonly used equipment, mainly used to accurately measure the pH value of liquid medium, coupled with the corresponding ion-selective electrode can also measure the ion electrode potential MV value, pH meter is widely used in environmental protection, sewage treatment, scientific research , Pharmaceutical, fermentation, chemical, aquaculture, tap water and other fields.

1 pH meter for glass electrode storage

PH meter in the short term when not in use, can be fully immersed in distilled water or 1 × 10-4 hydrochloric acid solution. But if long-term do not have to dry it, should not use washing liquid or other water-based reagent immersion.

2 pH glass electrode cleaning

Glass electrode bulb contamination may increase the electrode response time. CCl4 or soap can be used to wipe the dirt, and then immersed in distilled water a day and night to continue to use. When the pollution is serious, can be 5% HF solution for 10 to 20 minutes, immediately rinse with water, and then immersed in 0.1N HCl solution for a day and night to continue to use.

3 glass electrode aging treatment

The aging of the glass electrode is related to the progressive change of the adhesive layer structure. Old electrode response is slow, film resistance is high, slope is low. Exfoliation of the outer layer with hydrofluoric acid can often improve electrode performance. If this method can be used to regularly remove the inner and outer layers, the electrode life is almost unlimited.

4 reference electrode storage

Silver - silver chloride electrode is the best storage solution is saturated potassium chloride solution, high concentration of potassium chloride solution can prevent the silver chloride in the liquid junction precipitation, and maintain the fluid interface in working condition. This method also applies to the storage of composite electrodes.

1, in fact, the pH of the third point correction is the number, mainly depends on your sample situation. As you said, the calibration solution from the pH1.68 ~ 12.46 there are many species, according to the final PH value of the sample decided to use the appropriate calibration solution. We commonly used is 4.00,6.86,9.18,PH Meter if your sample is more alkaline, you need 9.18,10.01,12.46. Calibration order according to the different instruments are also different, and some requirements in accordance with the order of calibration, and some are not required, the instrument will automatically identify the need to refer to the relevant instrument manual.

2, no matter what kind of pH meter, pH = 7 this point must be corrected, and in the two correction time to correct the pH = 7 this point. When calibrating from 7.0, the selected standard solution is related to the pH of the solution to be measured so that the pH of the solution can fall within the corrected pH range. Generally use two points to meet the requirements,PH Meter if the request is high, only consider the third point. Some instruments can correct three points, there are models available, can be used directly with the model. Some do not, usually using two two two proofs, that is, proofreading twice.

3, we usually use the 7,4,10 calibration order. Alcoholic acid.

Then idle for a long time PH meter, and the electrode is not placed in the protective solution, how to activate the electrode and calibration? Need to pay attention to what? Standard calibration solution to how to use? PH meter to pay attention to what details?