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Physico-optical Analytical Instruments The Maintenance Of The Equipment Is Important
Jul 11, 2017

Physico-optical Analytical Instruments Hemolytic problem, hemolytic deficiency is the main reason, it should be noted that the apparent hemolytic deficiency will show the increase in HGB and WBC rise, it is easy to give people warning, here is a slight hemolytic, in the WBC and HGB not see The value of the change or very slight, WBC graphics on the peak before the lymph will have irregular rise curve, which will cause enough vigilance, and generally this situation occurs within 30 days will be a serious clogging. The main reason is that hemolytic agents destroy the red blood cells are not complete or red blood cell debris caused by the accumulation of aggregates, this situation will continue for a long time on the hole attached to the holes attached to these cell debris and protein deposition will be like building a house of cement , A layer of the plot of the plot thicker, and so may be suspected to plug the hole to do the cleaning has been very difficult to clear.

Dilution of the problem, the physical and chemical indicators of dilution failed, resulting in cells can not correctly dilute the interval, free will cause cell aggregation, the performance on the histogram is obvious, but there are often problems in the histogram can not see the problem, Because the replacement of reagents were made when the corresponding sensitivity and gain adjustment in the calibration coefficient also made the appropriate adjustments,Physico-optical Analytical Instruments so that the map can not see the problem at all, the replacement of physical and chemical indicators slightly better dilution will Found significant changes in the histogram, which should pay attention to these reagents are often a small area of the manufacturers of products, sales of small hospitals, and equipment maintenance are also under the name of their own warranty.

Blood samples were counted after thousands of dilutions in the red blood cell cell count, and no other reagents were intervened during the dilution process. We know that the role of the cell pool through the hemolytic agent can eliminate the number of protein and debris interference, and often assigned to the white blood cells and the addition of hemolytic agents and bubbles and other mixed before starting in the red cell pool distribution and dilution, and white blood cells And red cell pool is counted at the same time, so that the red cell pool of protein debris suspension activity is higher than the white cell pool, and from the proportion of these proteins and debris ratio is higher than the white cell pool, which is a major red blood cell plugging the reason.

Some people say that the negative pressure will alarm. To know the instrument's alarm circuit is a range, long-term negative pressure in the lower limit, or that the adjustment of the negative pressure alarm limit will lead to the actual negative pressure. Negative pressure caused by plugging the reasons for a good understanding, we all know that the water is to provide adequate pressure on the pump to provide thousands of households, and never heard that the water pipe will be blocked or pipe wall attached to what, but the sewers are often By natural height of the discharge, the speed of natural flow is very low, which gives the water pipe wall attached to provide a very good condition, so we see is the sewage pipe wall dirt is very thick.

In the Physico-optical Analytical Instruments, the negative pressure will give the protein, debris attached to the hole on the provision of favorable conditions. Therefore, the count negative pressure, emptying negative pressure monitoring adjustment is generally better in the upper limit, so leave some room will be larger. Often it was said that the hole is not blocked, I have also been checked, absolutely sure, but why is the newspaper plug hole or phenomenon is blocking it, the previous question is the most asked F820, in fact, is caused by negative pressure.

The role of cleaning agent is to remove the small holes and pipe protein, debris attached, if the cleaning agent effect is not good due to the role, is bound to cause long after the plugging, these cleaning agents are often used after each test To the physical and chemical indicators will be too high will cause the cleaning agent of the foam or other ingredients clean up but will affect the count, physical and chemical indicators are too low, not the effect, which is the cleaning agent after the complexity of the reasons for dilution, domestic Reagent support is often imitated, few people do basic verification and evidence analysis.

There are no ordinary cleaning agent, only concentrated cleaning agent, this cleaning agent is often replaced with sodium hypochlorite, filtration is not good or even no filter but will cause large particles plugging, rinse clean will affect the count, And will corrode pipes and related pools, valves, pumps and other components. Some instruments are not only ordinary cleaning agents, as well as concentrated cleaning agents,Physico-optical Analytical Instruments there are other names of cleaning agents, respectively, in different parts on the use.

Encountered a customer before the use of concentrated liquid, the next day and then boot the background for a long time can not pass, the reagents are instrument manufacturers, I looked at the hospital because of dilution of blood results are unreliable, are used whole blood test, To tell them that the daily shutdown Do not use concentrated liquid for a week, did not occur in the morning boot does not pass the phenomenon, and then every day with the concentrate, found that the use of concentrated liquid the next day will be the background However,Physico-optical Analytical Instruments as the concentration of liquid What problems we do not pursue, here only to give you a thought to consider the problem. There are so-called concentrated liquid do not have a little better, but will soon be used to plug the hole, of course, these need to be repeated verification can be concluded.