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Polarimeter Extend The Life Of Sodium Lamps
Jun 20, 2017

Use of Polarimeter Precautions

1. Before the determination of the Polarimeter and sample set 20 ℃ ± 0.5 ℃ constant temperature room or the specified temperature of the thermostatic chamber can also be used to maintain a constant temperature water bath sample chamber or sample test tube temperature lh above, especially some of the temperature of the rotation Sex is particularly important. The following are the same as the

2. Before the power is turned on, check whether there is any foreign matter in the sample room, whether the sodium light source switch is in the specified position, whether the switch is in the off position, whether the instrument is suitable, and the instrument should not move The The following are the same as the "

3. After opening the sodium lamp, the normal starting time for at least 20min, light can be stable, the determination of sodium lamp as far as possible when the use of DC power supply, so bright and stable. If the polarity switch, should always change the polarity after the shutdown to extend the life of sodium lamps. The following are the same as the

4. Before the measurement,Polarimeter the polarizer must be pressed repeatedly, so that the analyzer to the left or right, respectively, deviation from the optical zero. By observing the stop of the left and right re-test, you can check the instrument's repeatability and stability. If the error exceeds the specified, the instrument should be repaired before use. The following are the same as the

5. Will be filled with distilled water or blank solvent tube, into the sample chamber, the measurement tube if mixed with bubbles,Polarimeter should first float the bubbles floating in the convex, through the light ends of the glass, apply a soft cloth to dry. Determination should be fixed when the determination of the location and direction of tube placement, marking, in order to reduce the measurement tube and covers the gap stress error. The following are the same as the

6. The same optically active substance, with different solvents or at different pH values, due to the association, solvation and dissociation of the different circumstances, so that the degree of rotation changes, or even change the direction of rotation,Polarimeter it must use the specified solvent. The following are the same as the 

7. Turbidity or solution containing small particles can not be determined, the solution must be centrifuged or filtered, discard the initial filtrate determination. Some see the light after the optical rotation changes a lot of material solution, we must pay attention to light operation. Some of the placement time on the rotation of a greater impact, must also be measured within a specified time reading. The following are the same as the 

8. Determination of blank zero or test the test solution stop, should read the reading three times, take the average. Strict measurement, should be measured before each time,Polarimeter with blank solvent calibration zero, after the determination of reagents to check whether the zero change, if found that changes in the zero, it should be re-measured. The following are the same as the 

9. At the end of the test, the test tube should be washed and put back to the original place. The instrument should avoid dust placed in a dry place, the sample room can put a little desiccant moisture.