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Temperature Recorder To Ensure The Quality And Safety Of Drugs During Storage And Transportation
Nov 01, 2017

With the rapid development of cold chain logistics, refrigerators in recent years, the rapid growth in demand. Many people in the purchase of refrigerated trucks, may not be concerned about a high demand for refrigerated trucks there is an important accessories - temperature recorder.

The temperature recorder is a real-time test of the insulation and cooling performance of refrigerated trucks, especially for high-demand items. In the new version of GSP certification, it is necessary to have a temperature recorder in the transport equipment.

Through the temperature of the drug storage process for real-time automatic monitoring and recording is very effective to prevent the storage and transportation process may occur in the quality and safety of all kinds of risks, to ensure that the drug in the storage and transportation process of quality and safety.

Guangzhou Bayer in the long-term practice of the process found that the temperature recorder temperature sensor in the temperature control plays an important role in the temperature control. So how do you choose the right temperature recorder?

First, the temperature recorder is best set storage, recording, control, remote data transmission in one, installed in the refrigerated compartment / insulation compartment, through the built-in cold chain temperature monitoring system, at any time to receive the temperature signal, and real-time feedback on the signal, It is best to collect analysis and processing.

Second, according to customer needs to set their own temperature alarm ceiling and lower limit, once the temperature exceeded, the recorder will issue an alarm signal.

Third, with the print function, according to the need to print the temperature data.

Fourth, a more comprehensive temperature recorder can also be through the computer monitoring system software real-time view of the refrigerator compartment temperature data, query the preservation of historical data and curves;

The temperature recorder is a "real-time doctor" of the refrigerated truck. If the temperature recorder frequently shows that the temperature is not up to standard, the refrigerated compartment and the cold machine should be checked to find out the root of the problem.