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Water Treatment Instruments The Equipment Is Flexible And Operating Normally
Oct 23, 2017

Water Treatment Instruments is running every day, in order to ensure that the normal operation of each device and the treatment of water to achieve good results, the equipment should be regularly maintained and repaired.

First, the daily maintenance of Water Treatment Instruments can start from the following aspects:

1, check the fasteners and control devices to achieve safe and reliable.

2. Check and adjust the necessary parts, adjust the clearance of the moving parts, and replace the easy-damaged parts.

3. Cleaning, inspecting and adjusting electrical parts. Check the electrical contact is good, the wiring is solid.

4, thoroughly clean, wipe the surface of the equipment inside and outside the dead corners, remove the surface activity burr.

5, when necessary, the equipment part of the demolition, inspection adjustment and repair.

6, the maintenance should achieve the appearance clean, the present color, the oil circuit is smooth, the fuel net bright, the lubrication is good. The equipment is flexible and operating normally.

II. Water Treatment Instruments Cleaning has the following methods:

1, low pressure flushing technology cleaning method

In the daily life we use pure water purification equipment, but also to wash equipment, because of long time use will cause pure water purification equipment pollution caused the equipment can not work properly. We should regularly use low-pressure flushing technology to clean the surface fouling of equipment.

2. Stop equipment Operation Protection method

Long-term operation equipment, reverse osmosis pure water equipment technology will appear fluctuations, pure purification equipment once the treatment of unreasonable will cause the equipment of the film performance degradation, serious may lead to not be used. We take protective measures in a short time, and it is a method of equipment cleaning protection to properly stop equipment operation.

3. Chemical Cleaning method

Pure water purification equipment membrane surface is very easy to be affected by some microbial or inorganic cover operation ability, our ideal cleaning time is every six months cleaning once, if pure water purification equipment every month need to clean once, indicating that we need to adjust equipment parameters, improve the pretreatment system, For this purpose, chemical cleaning of pure water purification equipment is also a way to protect pure water purification equipment system.

The reverse osmosis equipment in the Water Treatment Instruments is to realize the seal isolation of each interval in the membrane shell, and three kinds of sealing aprons are needed in the membrane shell. In order to reduce the installation resistance system should be on the surface of each sealing ring daub of water or glycerin.

Special attention should be paid to the lubricant should be cautious with Vaseline or other oil grease lubricants, otherwise it will cause the cracking of freshwater pipes, especially the expansion of the sealing aprons. The expansion of the rubber ring generally does not directly affect the operation of the system, but will affect the system after unloading again, that is, the expansion of the rubber ring during loading is difficult to enter the slot.