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Weighing Instruments Can Have A Wonderful Future
Oct 09, 2017

Weighing equipment in use with the load cell before the digital calibration. Calibration is actually using the standard weight to calibrate the instrument. The calibrated instrument is internally stored with a calibration factor relative to this set of sensors. With this coefficient, the instrument can be the analog signal into the weight of the digital display. So when a meter in use after the damage is not able to take another one has not been calibrated with the same type of instrument replacement.

Weighing display controller (also known as Weighing Instruments or weighing the display, electronic Weighing Instruments) and weighing scales, weighing sensor is composed of three parts of the electronic weighing. The role of the weighing controller is measured by the load cell, the transmission voltage or current signal after amplification processing, the digital display in the form of weighing the weight of objects on the weighing platform. Weighing display controller is the key to electronic weighing, so weighing the quality of the controller directly affect the quality of electronic weighing.

Although the traditional Weighing Instruments can temporarily meet the development of contemporary society, but there are a lot of problems, product instability, product life and other issues, the traditional technology can not be updated in a timely manner, although the problem of production The impact is not great, but also to the enterprise to call a lot of the same. Some of the traditional technology has been eliminated for many years, but still continue to use in the country, one day this lag will give the Weighing Instruments industry a fatal blow.

Although the Weighing Instruments industry, although the instrument to bring great benefits, but a large part of the enterprise is not the reason to pull out the funds, put into the Weighing Instruments innovation, is blindly follow, feel the innovation is not business, is the national technology Things, this idea is bound to become a major factor hindering its development. Even if the problem is found in this area do not want to put a lot of money.

China's universities have very few people attach importance to the Weighing Instruments industry courses, Weighing Instruments in the training of personnel there is a serious problem, because the instrument is very practical research and development, practice in the implementation of very few, will inevitably lead to Aspects of the vacancies, which brought its development to the development of the consequences of disconnect.

Domestic Weighing Instruments should be used in the past should be eliminated technology, which gives the development of enterprises, not only the cost increase, but also to curb the roots of its innovative research and development, only from the shackles of backward technology to better catch up with international development , Weighing Instruments can have a beautiful future.

The cost of Weighing Instruments is not high, but as a result of the output to the customer's hands, willing to cost several times higher than the cost of production, or even a few times, the cost of promotion of product prices accounted for more than several times, regardless of domestic development, Or international competition, this is very unfavorable.

China's Weighing Instruments weighing display industry want to cross these development "gap" there is still a long way to go, although the road hard, but we believe that China's Weighing Instruments will be able to find a "way out."