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Ion Analyzer

  • Portable pH/pX/mV(ORP)/Res/mV/ISE/℃ Meter Touch Screen

    Contact NowPortable pH/pX/mV(ORP)/Res/mV/ISE/℃ Meter Touch ScreenColor TFT touch screen and navigation menu, Android operation system Measurement Ion value:Ag+,Na+,K+,NH4+,CL-,F-,NO3-,BF4-,CN-,CU2+,Pb2+,Ca2+,etc Support concentration unit switch: ug/L,mg/L,g/L,mol/L,mmol/L,PX etc. Identification of PH standard buffer Store and view 2000 measurement value GLP Compliance User ID management USB Interface Firmware Upgrade function Long Standby TimeRead More

  • Benchtop ISE Meter for pH/pX/ISE/ORP/℃

    Contact NowBenchtop ISE Meter for pH/pX/ISE/ORP/℃●Three reading modes ●Smart-Read function More stable the reading with auto recognition end-point ●Cont-Read function It is clear to read the sample changing in measurement process ●Timed-Read function Auto timed to store the reading ●Auto upgrade hardware ●Power-off protection, protect your data ●Remind the electrode performance and calibrationRead More