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Reliable Pocket pH Tester

  • Benchtop ISE Meter for pH/pX/ISE/ORP/℃

    Contact NowBenchtop ISE Meter for pH/pX/ISE/ORP/℃●Three reading modes ●Smart-Read function More stable the reading with auto recognition end-point ●Cont-Read function It is clear to read the sample changing in measurement process ●Timed-Read function Auto timed to store the reading ●Auto upgrade hardware ●Power-off protection, protect your data ●Remind the electrode performance and calibrationRead More

  • Benchtop pH/ORP Meter

    Contact NowBenchtop pH/ORP MeterBenchtop pH Meter pH range 0.00~14.00 pH Accuracy 0.01 low cost, easy operation Manual and Auto temperature compensation Big LCD display with backlight Universal power adaptorRead More

  • Pocket Refractometer

    Contact NowPocket RefractometerPocket refractometers are very commonly used which can be used for low, middle, and high resolution Brix concentration. The low range can be used for high-precision measurement such as fruit juice, cola and most kinds of beverage. The middle range can be used for concentrated fruit juice, canned food, sugar solution detections, sauce, ketch up, seasoning and many kinds of industry fluids. The high range can be used for use with food products of high sugar content such as liquid sugar, honey, etc. They can be used for industry fluid testing, such as for vegetable oils, industry, and many other chemical liquids or laboratory use fluids. It provides a fast and accurate way to test the ratio and concentration in water soluble cutting oil and many other industries fluid.Read More

  • Pocket Conductivity Meter

    Contact NowPocket Conductivity MeterClear LCD display One point calibration Automatic temperature compensation Reading lock function Automatic shut off functionRead More

  • Portable pH/ORP Meter

    Contact NowPortable pH/ORP MeterParameters,pH/mV(ORP) pH Range,0.00~14.00 pH Resolution,0.01 pH Accuracy,±0.03±1 bit WaterproofRead More

  • Benchtop Multiparameter meter pH/pX/ORP/Ion Concentration/Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS/ Salinity/DO/DO Saturation/Temperature

    Contact NowBenchtop Multiparameter meter pH/pX/ORP/Ion Concentration/Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS/ Salinity/DO/DO Saturation/TemperatureLCD display with backlight Simple calibration with 5-point automatically pH buffer recognition for DIN,NIST and GB or custom buffer sets; with 3-point automatically conductivity calibration and automatically recognition 4 standard conductivity solution Due alarm lets you know when re-calibration is necessary for measurement accuracy Versatile-- Use one Conductive probe to test conductivity range 0-200ms; use with any pH,ORP,or ISE electrodes with BNC connector Select from three interchangeable parameter modules: --- pH/Ion/Conductivity/Temperature --- pH/Ion/DO/Temperature --- Conductivity/DO/Temperature Data is easily exported to a computer via USB port. Store up to 5000 data sets in the meter’s memory for retrieval later Automatic temperature compensation(ATC) maintains reading accuracy even with fluctuating temperature Comply with GLP requirementsRead More

  • Portable pH/pX/mV(ORP)/Res/mV/ISE/℃ Meter Touch Screen

    Contact NowPortable pH/pX/mV(ORP)/Res/mV/ISE/℃ Meter Touch ScreenColor TFT touch screen and navigation menu, Android operation system Measurement Ion value:Ag+,Na+,K+,NH4+,CL-,F-,NO3-,BF4-,CN-,CU2+,Pb2+,Ca2+,etc Support concentration unit switch: ug/L,mg/L,g/L,mol/L,mmol/L,PX etc. Identification of PH standard buffer Store and view 2000 measurement value GLP Compliance User ID management USB Interface Firmware Upgrade function Long Standby TimeRead More

  • Pocket pH Meter

    Contact NowPocket pH Meterpocket pH Meter Clear LCD display One point calibration Auto temperature compensation Reading lock function Auto shut off function Bubble and flat probe availableRead More

  • Portable pH/ORP/Temp. meter touch screen

    Contact NowPortable pH/ORP/Temp. meter touch screenTFT color touch screen with navigation menu Automatic identification of standard buffer Storage up to 2000 sets of measurement values IP65 waterproof design User ID management Mini USB interface Li-on battery operatedRead More

  • Multiparameter pH/pX/ISE/TDS/Conductivity/DO/Salinity/Resistivity Meter Touch Screen modular design

    Contact NowMultiparameter pH/pX/ISE/TDS/Conductivity/DO/Salinity/Resistivity Meter Touch Screen modular designModel DZS-708L Multi-parameter Analyzer (10 parameters) Features: 1. color TFT touch screen with lazy operation. 2. Four-channel modules design (pH/pX unit, conductive unit, DO unit) to support automatic identification, Plug-and-Play, support any module package. 3. Support electrode management, up...Read More